Savior better than everything

It wasn’t such a long time ago, where MEN were considered to be less when they were diagnosed with impotency, now called erectile dysfunction syndrome. Their wife was able to divorce them for this and not only that, many fathers disinherited their sons because they were impotent. It was a great social shame to be unable to reproduce – even though technically you were able, no one could just “build that tower for you”. Erection dysfunction drugs are a ground-breaking discovery, that has inspired countless of us to never let go off our dreams and even though we are going against the FATE itself, we will still emerge victorious in the end because we are not only determined to have that dreamed erection!

Why are the pills so popular?

Because not only men with erectile dysfunction take them of course. These guys just don’t want to “risk”” the embarrassment in front of their partner and rather buy these pills. But you should always know, when you are using them, that it’s not a sin or shame to be dependent on these. You should be proud that you are doing everything you can to defeat the devil you were possessed with.

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